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Welcome to my blog! I'll be posting tutorials which explain various data science topics that I come across in my studies. My hope is that these tutorials will provide a valuable resource for aspiring data scientists who are researching similar topics.

Recent Posts:

PoGo Series: Statistical Analysis of Data

Measuring the dominance of each time while properly accounting for statistical and systematic errors in our data.

PoGo Series: Training a Sentiment Analyzer

Creating a sentiment analyzer using Python’s Natural Learning Toolkit, with a focus on feature extraction and hyperparameter tuning.

PoGo Series: Introduction to Naive Bayes Classifiers

A discussion of Bayes theorem and how it is used in Naive Bayes Classifiers.

PoGo Series: Collecting Tweets with Tweepy

How to collect tweets using Python’s Tweepy library.

PoGo Series: The Twitter API

An introduction to Twitter’s API.